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Stand Options

In general, all foeders that are taller or shorter than 92.25 ship on either the stainless or wood stand shown below.  The 36" diameter 10 bbl, the 30 bbl, and 50 bbl standards are 92.25 and ship on four 4 x 4's in a crate.  Clients that buy these sizes need to provide two 6x6's to set the 4x4's on to make it look like the wood stand shown below (without the bolts).  We can't ship the 92.25" foeders on stands because they would exceed out 100" shipping height limit when crated.  

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Toast/Steam/Bourbon Options

(1) Toast: No toast, Light, Medium, Heavy, or Char (2) Steam: Very Light, Light, Medium, & Heavy i.e (1) 1st turn light wild ale: recommend light toast, heavy steam, steam will eliminate all tannins and the vast majority of oak flavors leaving nice oak mouthfeel and vanilla notes (2) Flanders Red: medium toast, medium steam.  Medium steam will eliminate majority of tannins but leave some oak flavor. Nice oak mouthfeel and plenty of vanilla. (3) Clean Stout: Heavy toast, light steam, 3 day bourbon through sprayball. Prior to shipping we can run through the sprayball for several days to clean & prepare the Foeder for the stout.  We use a Kentucky Straight Bourbon. 6 gallons is enough to run. Light steam will eliminate a good amount of the tannins but leave most of the oak and vanilla.

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