Toast/Steam/Bourbon Options

(1) Toast: No toast, Light, Medium, Heavy, or Char (2) Steam: Very Light, Light, Medium, & Heavy i.e (1) 1st turn light wild ale: recommend light toast, heavy steam, steam will eliminate all tannins and the vast majority of oak flavors leaving nice oak mouthfeel and vanilla notes (2) Flanders Red: medium toast, medium steam.  Medium steam will eliminate majority of tannins but leave some oak flavor. Nice oak mouthfeel and plenty of vanilla. (3) Clean Stout: Heavy toast, light steam, 3 day bourbon through sprayball. Prior to shipping we can run through the sprayball for several days to clean & prepare the Foeder for the stout.  We use a Kentucky Straight Bourbon. 6 gallons is enough to run. Light steam will eliminate a good amount of the tannins but leave most of the oak and vanilla.

OptionalTim Bottchen