Why use foeders?

Foeders allow a slow ingress of oxygen into the beer that is easily supervised with the tasting valve.  The high beer to wood ratio allows the beer to mature and develop whereas smaller barrels may progress sooner which may lead to acidification before the beer is fully developed. 

Foeders also allow for greater capacity compared to the footprint barrels take up. Because the beer is coming from one vessel, you will have a more consistent and reproducible product. Foeders will also save on time and labor compared with racking multiple barrels or pulling multiple nails when sampling.

Can you make clean beer in a foeder?

Yes, many of our clients make clean beers in their Foeders.  Primarily Lagers & Stouts. Clients that lager their beers all have the cooling plate option and tend to clean their Foeders between batches by soaking the tanks with Citric acid & water. Some run 6 gallons of clear alcohol through a sprayball for several days and then rinse in between batches. Good example of this is Threes brewing (well worth the trip to Brooklyn): Mind blowing lagers, pillowy toasted marshmallow notes finishing super clean.  Clients that are making stouts in the Foeder’s usually have a heavy or char toast and run 6 gallons of bourbon through the sprayball for 3 days in between batches.

What are your lead times? 

About 12-14 weeks.  However, we continue to get busier everyday so there is a chance they might go farther out.  Please email us and we can give you a more specific timetable.

Where is your shop located?

We are located in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Can I come visit your shop?

Yes! Come visit us at the shop and then join us for a tour of some of our favorite local breweries.

Can you customize a foeder to my specs?

Yes, we are happy to work with you to craft the perfect foeder for your brewery.

Will the foeders come equipped with the valves as shown in the pictures?


What will I experience with new oak?

Our white oak is air dried and exposed to the elements for 2 years to rid the oak of any harsh flavors.  Once the foeder is built, we steam the unit for at least a week (more if specified by the customer).  This process mellows the oak profile greatly (and also kills anything in the wood).  Many brewers take a unique approach to their first turn out of their foeders.  Some prefer to run a beer designed to have a bit more of an oak profile.

What makes your foeders different from others? 

First, we are the only makers of American foeders.  Secondly, the staves that we construct our foeders with are finger jointed, which provides great stability.  We also use stainless steel bands.  These bands have the ability to stretch a bit when the wood expands and snap back when dry.

How do you ship?  

We ship our units fully assembled, unlike your favorite Swedish furniture maker.  We crate the units and deliver to your brewery by freight carrier.

How do you clean and maintain the foeder? 

Many different brewers have many different ways.  Here is a great article highlighting a few different techniques: 


Will the foeder leak?

The foeder will need to re-hydrate. This can be done using steam or warm water.  Any of the small leaks should stop within 24 hours.   

How do you recommend I rehydrate my foeder?

We recommend you begin with steam.  Once steamed for a day fill with water (warm water is best).

What do we need to install our foeder?

You will need a fork truck. 

Who is using your foeders?

Breweries big and small, old and new have purchased our foeders.  We are not in the habit of disclosing clients names, however some that have made it public are Side Project Brewing, Casa Agria Specialty Ales, Prairie Artisan Ales, Flying Dog Brewery, Yazoo Brewing, The Southern Brewing Company, Reaver Beach Brewing, Martin City Brewing, Great Raft Brewing, Green Bench, Little Fish Brewing, Trillium Brewing, The Bruery Terreux, Wooden Robot Brewery, Proclamation Ale Company, Jack's Abby, Wichita Brewing Co, Wander Brewing, Magnify Brewing Co, Holy Mountain, 18th Street Brewing, and many more. 

Do you like craft beer?

Yes! We got into this business to help out craft breweries.  We are especially passionate about sour beer.  Want to send us beer? Please send to 10844 Indian Head Industrial Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63132

How much wood is used to make a 30 bbl Foeder and how long does it take?

We cut about 1140 board feet per 30 bbl Foeder and it takes about 140 hours of labor spread over 4 weeks.